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Control free floating single cell algae and sterilizes the pond water with no side effects to your fish, plants, or wild lifeA pond with clear water is an attractive feature in your garden, which brings many hours of enjoyment and relaxation. A green pond is unappealing to look at and is difficult to determine whether your fish are diseased or if they have damaged themselves. Algae also pose a threat to your fish as it starves them of essential oxygen they require.

What is Saki-Hikari®?Saki-Hikari® is a revolutionary diet that has been specifically developed for Nishikigoi professionals and Koi enthusiasts alike. Saki-Hikari® is the diet fed to the last seven consecutive All Japan Nishikigoi Show grand champion winners, confirming its considerable nutritional benefits. Saki-Hikari® is the world's first Probiotic Koi diet. Because, the quality and performance of Saki-Hikari® is easily recognized with continued feeding. Some of the ma

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