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About Us, | Koi pond water feature When you build or plan to build a koi pond there is three steps that you need to consider before you start Planning and Preparation. Where the pond should be is very important as this will affect the size of the pond as there might | Koi pond water feature When you build or plan to b...

Koi Pond (PTY)Ltd is a company based in Pretoria South Africa, we have been building ponds and installing filtration on koi ponds for the last 16 Years and specialize in large koi ponds with a formal look, we also proud ourselves at keeping up with new technology in the koi industry. Koi Pond (PTY)Ltd are a professional company specializing in koi and fishpond construction, maintenance, and filtration installation.

Building ponds is a very specialized work and ponds needs to be planned and build right from die start otherwise it will cost much more overall for the customer than the initial building cost and the joy of having n koi pond can change to a night mare in the garden. Your pond is a permanent feature to your garden and can increase your property value if it is plan and build correctly by the right company.

In short don’t try and save money on construction cost and filtration cost if you want healthy koi and a healthy-looking pond that is an added feature to your garden and property.  It can be very costly to repair or redo.

It has always been my motto to assist the up and coming hobbyist with info that i have gathered offer the last 16 years of trial and error. This info might not be agreed on by all, but it has work for me and a lot of customers over the years. These school fees are quite expensive, but they are paid in full, so even if you don't agree just roll it offer in the mind, it won’t cost you a cent. I am surely no expert, but years of school fees paid goes a long way.

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